Since 2014, 167 members of our emergency services and military community have taken their own lives.  Sadly this number continues to rise. Each day these men and women put their personal lives aside to serve their communities. Their chosen careers often expose them to trauma, tragedy and despair.  Though they wear a uniform, these heroes are not immune from pain, hurt and emotional trauma. Leaving their work at the door is easier said than done often feeling their day follow them home - the tragedy and trauma making its way into their time at home with their families. The belief that "shaking it off" are more than numbered as we do our part to realize, respond and educate our communities that these heroes do in fact hurt and often times need more help than those who they save. 

The Tema Conter Memorial Trust is Canada's leading provider of Peer Support, Family Assistance and Training for our Public Safety and Military Personnel dealing with Mental Health Injuries. 

The Tema Conter Memorial Trust has partnered with Wounded Warriors Canada ( to increase available funds earmarked to assist those individuals who cannot afford access to the services of a mental health professional.

All money raised through the BIG Hike will be donated in support of the Tema Conter Memorial Trust and their growing educational curriculum and outreach programs. In addition, it will be used to further the efforts supported by Wounded Warriors Canada; providing financial assistance to those heroes who cannot afford access to the services of a mental health professional. Because "Heroes can Hurt."